Heel Pain In Children

However, just because your doctor sees the obvious spur, it does not mean the spur is the cause of your pain. Remember, spurs take years to develop so if your heel pain is recent (even months old) then the spur is only evidence that inflammation has been in the area for a long time but not necessarily the reason for your heel pain. Heel pain leads to them walking on the balls of the foot When you walk on the balls of the feet to compensate it causes more pain because it pulls the fascia aggravating the plantar fasciitis more leading to more inflammation and calcium deposits on the spur.

The spurs wont go away and because the spur is not the cause of the pain. We do not have to remove or dissolve them for your pain to go away. Many doctors say heel spurs come from a constant stress pulling on the fascia. This may be true but it doesn’t explain some unexplained mysteries of this stress on the fascia and how it creates bone spurring. First, I will agree with the human lever model school of thought that the abnormal impact stress is what leads to plantar fasciitis and heel spurs.heel spur

Elastic limit ( yield strength training zone ) – This point and up to the deformity is when your muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones reorganize into a stronger mechanism. This is the zone you want to train in. Spurs form as a natural process of repair from repeated abnormal stress or stress when the human spring is not functioning in elastic deformity state. The body lays down extra calcium at the site of the stress deforming it permanently or causing a plastic deformity. Video Tutorial #12 Is Running Bad For Your Knees? How Does The Body Spring Back Safely From Impacts Of Running and Walking?, click here

Heel spurs and heel pain typically occur in people with flat feet. As the arch starts to collapse, the band of ligament and the muscle in the bottom of the foot absorbs the impact of pressure from standing or walking. Eventually, it stretches beyond its limits, leading to possible muscle tears and bone spurs. To avoid heel pain, people with flat feet should make a special effort to wear support shoes with arch support. In your knee, bone spurs may make it painful to extend and bend your leg. Bone spurs can get in the way of bones and tendons that keep your knee operating smoothly.heel spur removal

After months of heel pain I learned that heel pain can be completely debilitating and make walking and standing impossible. Heel pain can be caused by a condition called Plantar Fasciitis. Plantar Fasciitis is also at times referred to as heel spur syndrome when a bone spur is present. Heel pain can also be caused by other conditions such as tendonitis, arthritis, nerve irritation, stress fracture and sometimes but rarely a cyst. If you are experiencing heel pain and having problems with walking or standing see a podiatrist for a diagnosis and treatment.